5 Awesome Covers of Bjork Songs…

I’ve been checking out some other artist’s takes on the music of Bjork, and have discovered some really beautiful tracks…Enjoy!

Bon Iver and The Bjorkestra have something in common – obviously a love of this tune, which is (I think) one of the best songs on Medulla. What an angelic voice this cat has.!


I can totally see why Bjork loves The Dirty Projectors…they really got their own thing happening and give “Hyperballad” an added dimension.


Robert Glasper is one of my favorite jazz pianists, and this is a lovely cover of “Joga” – my most favorite Bjork song of all time.

Thom Yorke takes “Unravel” to another place. Great vibe!

I’ve never heard of Further Seems Forever – but they sound great – kind of like if U2 covered “Pagan Poetry” don’t you think? деньги в долг на карту

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